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Global Human Rights Charity is a nonprofit public benefit corporation filed in the State of California as a charity working our way towards 501(c)(3) official recognition.

Our work is to educate the public on issues that is of public benefit and interest relating to the following issues:

Economic Rights

:: Inflation

Oil > Gas > Shipping > Food Prices
Summary: rising oil prices leads to higher gas prices at the pump along with higher shipping costs, which businesses pass onto the consumer retail price. CNBC / KEYT each reported the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner increased 13% due to higher shipping costs. In addition, trucking repairs / replacements costs businesses, shippers, and consumers.
Position: We can help fight inflation and accidents when truckers are given more basic rights rather than having longer drives, smaller loads, more trips, and less rest.
:: Traffic Congestion

Hispanic Rights

Human Rights

:: Universal
Life / Liberty

Summary: District attorneys are justifying police-involved shootings, while chief of police are publicizing split-second decisions. The White House has made gun violence recommendations, which includes mental health and proper law enforcement training. Proper law enforcement training is vital because too many lives have been taken without fair & equal justice, or even due process.
Position: "First priority at any crime scene is the treatment of an injured party and summoning of emergency medical personnel" (Crime Scene Investigation & Reconstruction).
No immunity (United Nations). Too many other options available for active shooters including bean bags, tasers, tear gas, et al.
:: Fair & Equal Justice
Summary: In Santa Barbara County alone there have been ten officer-involved shootings / killings within a year under the authority of its sheriff. "Denying legal counsel for a defendant at trial is a denial of due process" (Powell v Alabama). "I am a *@!%#$ suicide bomber terrorist! Pull me over! Please, I dare you" (Fogel v Collins). Fogel sets a precedence putting "officers on notice that such speech is protected under the First Amendment" (Constitutional Law).
Position: "Officer Jazinski approaches the man, orders him to put his hands up, quickly handcuffs him and takes the man's gun from his holster [...] The man tells Officer Jazinski that he has a permit to carry the handgun," which checks and is "in compliance with all applicable laws" (Constitutional Law).
:: Civil

:: Safety
Summary: ignoring trucker accident / challenges puts others at risk. Being able to check system maintenance at any city improves driving safety due to available nearby resources, particularly first responders.

Privacy Rights

:: Intelligence Abuses
Education + Business + Elections
: intelligence abuses run rampant particularly days before elections interfering with basic internet by disrupting its connectivity. Failing to enforce Computer Fraud & Abuse Act, but rather blaming technology just to let "hackers" roam free. Yet, love to take selective screen shots to validate their set-up (disregarding Weeks v United States, and Mapp v Ohio). In the off season, intelligence disrupts the ability to get an online education
or even conduct business. These abuses have reached the Supreme Court of the United States in Amnesty, et al. v Clapper with various human rights groups filing friends-of-the-court briefs.

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